Here are some PLANET-STEM and progenitor/partner program Successes:

Global Hands-On Universe:

  • 30,000 teachers around the world have attended GHOU meetings
  • GHOU materials are part of the Bavarian State Curriculum
  • GHOU Materials are part of the French National Curriculum
  • Over a thousand teachers a year are trained in GTTP sessions every year, around the world
Modeling Instruction:
  • Research indicates students learn almost twice as much as they do in normal classes (link to Colleen's pages)
  • Over 6000 Modeling Instructors in the United States
After School Science and Math Integration (ASAMI) for English Language Learners in the United States:
  • Combining GHOU materials/resources with Modeling Instruction pedagogy, Middle School English Language Learners typically learned twice as much as control groups in pilots in the United States.
ConnectaIdea Scalable Computer-Mediated Collaboration/Learning System
  • In Santiago economically challenged neighborhoods, students learned 43% more materials using PLANET-STEM resources!
In Nepal:
  •  Over 60 teachers certificates for using GHOU materials available for use with students and ConnectaIdea Collaboration System to come on line in November

Please check the Research area of this project to learn more.

Image:  Taken from Edutopia Professional Development