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Paradigm-shifting Learning And Networking for Education using Technology
for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

PLANET-STEM brings state-of-the-art pedagogy (Modeling Instruction), use of Big Data, individualized learning and assessment, activities, and collaboration to  help support children's ability to achieve careers in STEM fields. Plant-STEM can usually guarantee to increase your students' understanding of deep math and science concepts if you join us and fully participate.

Our Questions for You:

  • Are your students of ages to 10 to 14 engaged with STEM?
  • Are they achieving a deep understanding of nature? 
  • Are your students prepared to use science and technology to help our Planet? 
  • Are your students prepared to build a better world, working in collaboration with many nations around the world?

We can help you and your students accomplish these goals.

We all have a unique opportunity provided by technology and communication to shift our learning paradigms and begin to radically boost students' learning and motivation for STEM education.

Join us!  Please express your interest to join the PLANET-STEM Project by completing this simple form.

Aspects of PLANET-STEM are ready now... much more will evolve!

Why do we need PLANET-STEM?

  • Studies show student interest in science begins to decline as early as 4th grade
  • Teachers value digital tools, but struggle to find effective product
  • Student feedback and engagement were among the top qualities teachers sought in tool
  • Integrate with other subjects like design and 21st century skills
  • Enable – not inhibit – social interaction and connection with the physical/natural environment

    See the studies from and

What does PLANET-STEM Use to Succeed?

  • Modeling Instruction with Students: To help students develop a deep understanding of STEM, teachers use modeling instruction.
  • Networking Technology: To connect students, classrooms, and teachers around our planet on focused activities. Students can collect and share data, and undertake projects that benefit from methodology and technology.
  • Using the Internet for Carrying Embedded Assessments: To help all students, our server can find students who are facing challenges in understanding big concepts, and provide then with helper activities.
  • Using real scientific data: Data from the stars and galaxies, from Planet Earth and her oceans, and sharing student developed engineering projects help students understand and be inspired by science and math. You are welcome to view the GHOU website and other information on GHOU. A future Oceans and Marine Biology Project is still under negotiations.

Benefits of the PLANET-STEM Project to your Classroom:
  • Increased student learning, engagement, and achievement in a number of STEM topics.  Math is naturally integrated into all of the curriculum!
  • Easy connection and collaboration with teachers, scientists, and other educators around the world.
  • Within a year or so of your joining, you will have more knowledgeable students.
Who can join PLANET-STEM?
  • A serious science or math teacher,  or one who works with science and math teachers of children 10 - 14 years old.
What You Need to Join PLANET-STEM:
  • A set of computers in your classroom (at least one for every three students, one-to-one works best).
  • Internet connections for your students and your computers.
  • Agreement to use PLANET-STEM materials, pedagogy, assessments, and software systems for one of your science classes.
Image: Student learning about the moon
What Can PLANET-STEM. Deliver Now (all for free):
  • Global Hands-On Universe materials.
  • Many other field tested activities in science and math, all embedded in a modeling instruction cycle.
  • For Spanish speakers, ConnectaIdeas is available now, and within one year of funding, ConnectaIdea for other languages.

PLANET-STEM succeeds in low Socio Economic Status (SES) and schools with recent immigrants. Please click the linked text above to see some of our evidence.

PLANET-STEM schools will become a living, communicating and self-aware network that can prepare students for the future nature of work on an increasingly connected planet, where humans need to work together and respect each other. 

PLANET-STEM students learn deeply that they are connected to and part of the planet and all people.

PLANET-STEM is a new design for teaching and learning. It is focused on 10-14 year olds across the world. This is a great age to reach children. PLANET ICT infrastructure is based on ConnectaIdea, a platform that has been deployed successfully in low SES neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. See a video of aspects of Connectaidea in action!

If you are interested in joining PLANET-STEM, please click Sign-up at the top of this page.

Thank you
Carl Pennypacker, Ph.D
Educator and Research Physicist
University of California, Berkeley
Roberto Araya, Ph.D.
Educator and STEM Researcher
CIAE, University of Chile